Anyone who has visited Ha Giang at least once will not regret it. Because this place is a paradise holiday for nature lovers who want to explore new lands. Although you have visited many famous attractions, you should at least once set foot in Ha Giang.
Traveling Ha Giang is beautiful in all 4 seasons
Traveling to Ha Giang, you do not need to choose the best time to visit, because Ha Giang is beautiful throughout the year. Each season, Ha Giang has its own beauty.

In spring, this place is filled with flowers, the weather becomes colder. Therefore, if you want to visit Ha Giang during this time, you should bring a cold jacket. The feeling when walking under a tree, watching the white petals fall gently in the wind, the floral scent combined in the air is a great experience.

In the summer, looking at the green rice fields on the hills, the landscape of Ha Giang is now a vast green. But if you come in the fall, will be surprised by the rapid change of Ha Giang. Early in the fall, the rice fields start to ripen and yellow around the hills. Also to Ha Giang in September (late fall), you will see the immense pink of triangle flowers. In winter, you will immerse yourself in the romantic snowfall space.

Reasons you should travel Ha Giang once in a lifetime

There are many tourist attractions in Ha Giang
Ha Giang has always been one of the most attractive tourist destinations for adventure lovers as well as exploring the wild beauty of the mountains. The breathtaking scenery of majestic mountains, winding rivers, flower valleys and winding roads are special for Ha Giang.

Visiting Hoang Su Phi is the first choice when coming to Ha Giang. No one knows how long the ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi will turn the mountain into beautiful terraced fields. Only know that the terraces have been exploited for hundreds of years. Terraced fields also mark the process of sedentary farming, bringing prosperous life for households.

Quan Ba double mountain is a place you should visit. You have the opportunity to enjoy the art of nature, between rocks and terraces are mountains with a strange form that surprises you. Those are two mountains that look like fairy peaches that are related to a very interesting fairy “Mount Fairy”.

Reasons you should travel Ha Giang once in a lifetime

Dong Van Old Quarter is a place for you to remember things from the past. Located between valleys with four surfaces covered with rocks, Dong Van has only 40 households. In the morning, the old town is cleverly blended in two colors: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the old house.

There are also many tourist attractions that you should visit before leaving Ha Giang such as: “Dong Van rock plateau” – with the mystery of gray stones, “Wang’s mansion” – called The green gem in the center of the plateau, the “road of happiness” – the path with blood and flowers … Each place will leave you with different experiences.

There are many delicious specialties in Ha Giang.
Not only beautiful natural scenery, but also in Ha Giang tourism is also famous for many delicious food. Buffalo, Chinese sausage (Chinese sausage) – these are probably the most famous dishes in the northwest mountains. For a long time, these dishes were indispensable on special occasions of Ha Giang people.
Next, it’s mint honey – just hearing the name makes you curious, or five-color glutinous rice – you can’t ignore this traditional dish. Bac Me sticky rice is a popular dish of many ethnic minorities in the Northwest. Made from glutinous rice and then baked in a long bamboo tube. Bac Me sticky rice has a sweet, fragrant flavor, tourists come to Ha Giang to not only enjoy but also buy some as a gift from the mountains to the travelers.

Reasons you should travel Ha Giang once in a lifetime

Ha Giang travel trip becomes less and less attractive if you do not try Shan Tuyet tea. Tea is grown in all districts of Ha Giang. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Shan Tuyet tea will surely forget the delicious taste. This type of tea, people use natural methods to take care of, so there are no toxic chemicals. Shan Tuyet tea is harvested all 4 seasons in Ha Giang, so anytime you come, you can always enjoy the delicious taste of this tea.

n addition, there are other dishes such as victory, soup porridge, pho sour … that you should try before leaving.
Ha Giang people are friendly and hospitable
Ha Giang people are also known for their hospitality. Everyone’s satisfaction and honesty make visitors feel very comfortable, their simple life makes many travelers want to experience. Working with everyone here, you will have a fun and memorable experience.

Reasons you should travel Ha Giang once in a lifetime

You will have many opportunities to experience H’mong’s family life. Eating, sleeping and talking to H’Mong people is a cultural experience that you will never forget.

With beautiful natural scenery, each season, a harmonious combination of heaven, forests, rivers, mountains, along with delicious and friendly food, you deserve to travel to Ha Giang.