The winding mountain pass is one of the most difficult traffic conditions, especially for inexperienced drivers. In this article, we will introduce readers the knowledge and experience necessary to safely drive a car through steep roads.

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Check the motorbikes and prepare before you leave

Before considering the driver’s experience or control, the vehicle itself – or more specifically, the brake-suspension-steering systems, etc. are the first basic factors that need attention.Before every trip, especially the roads through long and rugged passes Ma Py Leng
Take your motorbike to the garage to check all the important details like the brakes pressure and tire condition, power steering oil, … This not only ensures the motorbike is in the best operating condition, but above all, it is the action that gives you confidence before boarding.
And with the planned journey of long passes / ramps, up to tens of kilometers, the arrangement of time and place to stop before going up the hill will help you and the car to rest before difficult roads.

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When going uphill

Need to go at low gears (1, 2, 3) to optimize the traction from the engine to help the motorbike climb more easily.

When going downhill, downhill

The downhill process is another story. At this time, besides the pull from the engine, gravity and inertial forces also contribute to the car go faster. Therefore, many drivers tend to check the brakes continually when sloping to hold the vehicle. This is also one of the fatal mistakes when downhill.Continuous braking can cause overheating in the brake system, burning the brake pads, boiling the brake fluid, causing the brake system to lose its temporary effect extremely dangerous. So, when driving downhill should minimize the use of brakes, only brake when really necessary.
If there is less braking, the car will speed down downhill according to inertia, so you must also know how to use the right gear technique, make use of the resistance from the engine to brake the car safely.

Use gear properly when traveling
Regarding the use of gearbox properly, many new talents are advised to “up the slope with any number, downhill with that number”. This is a good advice for inexperienced drivers, but it should not be understood too mechanically and stereotyped because very few slopes have the same slope when up and down.Therefore, in order to use gearboxes and engine brakes appropriately when going downhill, so depending on the actual slope, terrain and road conditions as well as the amount of traffic in traffic, it is decided to leave the gear in. taste. The safe speed of the vehicle when going downhill is the speed that the driver can still control when going downhill without using brakes – downhill by the station is mainly. Downhill by gas is when going downhill we still mostly go by gas, not to the motorbike running inertia.

Also, absolutely do not go by the number N

Many drivers think going with zero will save fuel. However, dropping the car down the slope with zero brings unpredictable harm because when there is no traction from the engine, the tires will reduce grip with the road surface, plus high speed will be very difficult to handle on arrival. cornering or unexpected incidents.Above is the most important knowledge and experience that every driver must know before participating in traffic on steep roads – traffic conditions that are potentially dangerous for non-experienced drivers. or lack of preparation. Hopefully, in the above article, we have provided readers with useful information to ensure safety for themselves and their families on the long distance.